Saturday, December 10, 2011

A variety of things as of Dec 10, 2011

I forgot that the last picture loaded is the first one shown; oh well. Getting tired out bowling!

Watching the ball going very slowly down the lane; still tired.

Getting ready to roll. She was fresh at this point.

When pushing wasn't enough for her, she resorted to kicking!

Dancing moves; nothing to do with bowling except she was at the bowling ally.

First time ever wearing bowling shoes! Size 9; as small as it gets.

Daddy's birthday at G'ma and G'pa's.

Helping G'ma decorating Daddy's birthday cake.

Putting Hannah down after a piggy back ride, sort of.

The ride.

Illustrator of Donald Driver's new book signing the book (duh, right?)

Meeting Donald Driver and having him sign his book.

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